Jun 28

Put your oxygen mask on first!


Edited: Jun 28

This is probably one of my favorite topics. I think as parents of challenging kids, we give WAY more of ourselves than we really have. We end up exhausted, emotionally devastated and incapable of putting two sentences together. Self-care is so important, even if it's only 5 minutes. Our minds need a break, our bodies need a break, our hearts need a break. When things got really bad in the early days, I used to go in my bedroom, close the door and play solitaire on my ipad for 15 minutes. Now I use the mantra of "shelter in place" - i.e. I ask myself "what can I NOT do to make my life just a little bit easier tonight?" Can I order pizza for dinner, let the kids skip an activity for one day, put on a movie, and go take a bath? Some days, we just need to simplify everything to get through.


What do you do for self-care?