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And so it begins...

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

I've been thinking about doing this for a long time - creating a website, a discussion forum, a blog. The idea swirled in my head for years. I thought about how I wished I'd had something like it when my son was first diagnosed. I thought about how many people I might be able to help. Then I thought about getting dinner ready. And like so many other things on my "to do" list, it fell to the bottom of a very long list of priorities.

Oh, and did I mention I have triplets? (I'll pause here for a minute while you catch your breath).

Yes, DMDD and triplets (two sons and a daughter). You know that saying "God never gives us more than we can handle?" Well, God must think I'm an ---ing ninja, because this diagnosis is hard. Really, really hard. Which is another reason I never got around to it. I was just too damn tired.

But somewhere along the way, things got just a little bit easier. The rages died down, the calls from the principal got further apart (although they still come with some regularity) and my kids grew up a little (they're 15 now). Somewhere along the journey from hell to here, I caught a break. I now have a little time and emotional breathing room to focus on something other than DMDD. So what do I decide to do? Focus on DMDD. Go figure.

I guess I feel that with so much knowledge and information at our fingertips, it shouldn't be so hard to figure out everything there is to know about DMDD. Yet, even six years after my son's diagnosis, I am surprised to see it's still not easy. So I recently re-prioritized my to-do list to give back some of the knowledge and coping strategies I picked up along the way.

So today is the launch! I have set the wheels in motion - the website is live, the Facebook page is live. I am pushing forward because I believe that there are thousands of you out there that need this information and I hope that in my efforts, I am able to help a few of you. In the meantime, I keep repeating the line (from Field of Dreams) "Build it, and they will come." I hope you do.

Laura K.

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