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You Are Not Alone

When our son was diagnosed in 2012 at age 9, DMDD was a new disorder in the world of psychiatry and no one - not even the psychiatrists themselves - knew much about it. Our experience was frightening and heartbreaking, and we didn't know anyone else who was going through it: the hate-filled tirades, the thrown furniture, the 911 calls, the alarming self-harm. As our journey stretched from weeks to months to years, we felt discouraged. We were emotionally exhausted and still had so many unanswered questions. And we felt very much alone.

But we made it through. Our son is now 15 and stable. He still has occasional mood wobbles and issues at school, but he has made tremendous progress each year as he matures and is better able to self-regulate. He currently plays varsity sports at school, speaks conversational Japanese and just got his learner's permit. Please believe me when I tell you - there is hope!

When we were at the lowest point in our experience, I promised myself that if he ever stabilized, I would try to help others dealing with this difficult diagnosis. The first place I wanted to start was with a website that was dedicated to DMDD. When we searched the internet, we found snippets of information about DMDD here and there, but no single place that had the research, treatment options, resources, and family support we so desperately needed. I wanted to change that. I founded in June 2019 in order to provide families a place to find hope, answers, and community support as they travel this journey.

There are thousands of families going through a DMDD diagnosis and treatment. We want you to know that you are not alone!

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