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DMDD is a challenging diagnosis. You are not alone.

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Effective Strategies

Gain access to practical strategies and techniques that can empower your family to better handle the challenges of DMDD in both home and school settings.

Shared Experience

Contribute to the collective knowledge by sharing your personal experiences, insights, and challenges related to living with DMDD.

Support Groups

Participate in local or virtual support groups where you can meet other DMDD families, exchange advice, and learn from their experiences.

How to Benefit From DMDD.org

Read through our informative content, articles, and resources available to gain valuable insights into DMDD.

Your valuable survey and research input will contribute to advancing our knowledge of DMDD and supporting affected individuals.

Our Facebook groups boast a community of over 8,000 members. There, you can engage with people that’ll provide answers and compassionate support.

Facing DMDD Alone? Join Our Community for Support.

Living with DMDD can be overwhelming without proper support. As a parent or caregiver, you deeply love your child, but the challenges they face can often feel difficult to handle.

At DMDD.org, we understand that there is limited research and information available about DMDD. That’s why we’ve created a community where parents and caregivers can come together to support each other through this journey.

Additionally, you can sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on the latest information, resources, and support available for DMDD. And if you’re interested in actively contributing to DMDD research, we encourage you to join our research panel: DMDD – Stronger Together.

Join our community today and find the support and understanding you need on this journey.
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