Sample IEP Accommodations

The following is for illustrative purposes only. Please work with your treatment team to develop accommodations specific to your child’s needs.

Accommodations should be written for specific reasons, or symptoms. For example:


Symptom: The student has fluctuations in mood/energy and is often more attentive to classwork at certain times.

  • Accommodation: Allow student to take tests at alternative time of day
  • Accommodation: Allow breaks/snacks as needed

Symptom: The student has difficulty making transitions

  • Accommodation: Allow the student to finish the task they are working on before moving on to the next task
  • Accommodation: Have teacher cue student before transition e.g. give a 5 minute countdown

Symptom: The student may have periods of mood dysregulation

  • Accommodation: Assign a safe place where student can go to regroup and calm down, preferably with a trusted adult the student can talk to e.g.. school psychologist or counselor

Symptom: The student has difficulty staying on task.

  • Accommodation: Preferential seating e.g. near the teacher and/or at a quiet table group

Symptom: The student is not organized and often forgets or misplaces assignments/books

  • Accommodation: School will provide two sets of books – one for school, one for home
  • Accommodation: At the end of class, teacher will ensure homework assignment has been written down correctly in a planner
  • Accommodation: Teacher will email parent the weekly homework assignment
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