Have you tried Dr. Matthews’ Protocol?

ANSWER: Almost a third of us have tried it, but many are still too early in the process to say whether it’s been successful.

9% Have tried it, and are happy with the results
7% Have tried it, but are having some issues
16% Have just started, so aren’t sure of the outcome yet
7% Haven’t tried it, but are planning to try it in the future
22% Haven’t tried it, but are open to it if things don’t improve
7% Haven’t tried it, and don’t plan to try it
32% Haven’t tried it, but would like to know more

(Source: Facebook Survey to DMDD-related groups, June 2019. n=100)

(This survey is still open! If we get more responses, we will update this answer. Click here to participate: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YFKTY6H)

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