What strategies do you use to help your DMDDer get a good night’s sleep?

ANSWER: 76% focus on a regular bedtime 65% use melatonin or other non-Rx supplement for sleep 39% give our kiddos a bath, warm milk, a weighted blanket or other non-medication tactic to help them sleep 26% have an Rx specifically to improve sleep 24% take an Rx that isn’t prescribed for sleep, but has a side effect of sleepiness Others use music, or reading. (Source: Facebook Survey to DMDD-related groups, July 2019. n=72)

Which resources did you find most helpful when you first received the DMDD diagnosis?

ANSWER: 1. The Explosive Child, by Dr. Ross Greene (book) 2. Dr. Fisher videos (click here for the link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist…) 3. Facebook support groups [Note: These groups are a great source of emotional support for our families. There are many to choose from, but we recommend you also join the DMDD.org Facebook group, which focuses on research and educational] (Source: Facebook Survey to DMDD-related groups, July 2019. n=32)

Has your DMDDer had a sleep study done?

ANSWER: 19% of our kiddos with sleep issues have had a sleep study done. Another 11% are planning to do one. Of those that had the sleep study done: 57% found our kiddos has sleep apnea 36% found our kiddos had sleep hypopnea (Source: Facebook Survey to DMDD-related groups, July 2019. n=72) Those who had sleep study done was a small base: n=14)

Does your DMDDer have trouble sleeping?

ANSWER: 96% of our DMDD kiddos have trouble sleeping. 😥 85% have trouble falling asleep 69% have trouble staying asleep 43% have night terrors/nightmares or other disruptions 22% have additional issues like bed wetting, waking up early, teeth grinding or restlessness/kicking. (Source: Facebook Survey to DMDD-related groups, July 2019. n=72.)

Have you tried Dr. Matthews’ Protocol?

ANSWER: Almost a third of us have tried it, but many are still too early in the process to say whether it’s been successful. 9% Have tried it, and are happy with the results 7% Have tried it, but are having some issues 16% Have just started, so aren’t sure of the outcome yet 7% Haven’t tried it, but are planning to try it in the future 22% Haven’t tried it, but are open to it if things don’t improve 7% Haven’t tried it, and don’t plan to try it 32% Haven’t tried it, but would like to know more (Source: Facebook Survey to DMDD-related groups, June 2019. n=100) (This survey is still open! If we get more responses, we will update this answer. Click here to participate: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YFKTY6H)

What is your relationship to your DMDDer?

ANSWER: Not surprising, most of us are biological moms (73%). What was surprising, is that 16% of us are adoptive parents. This is interesting, given that only 1% of kids in the U.S. are adopted. And a shout out to the dads, grandmas and step-moms – it takes a village! (Source: Facebook Survey, June 2019. n=95)

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